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        About us

        Anders Fischer.dk LLC is a Danish owned electrical service business centrally located on Vesterbro in Copenhagen.
        We provide advice and service to our customers within our core areas of competence electrical installations, residential or commercial security installations, network installation and maintenance and lighting.
        We aim at establishing and maintaining a solid base of clients requesting service minded and quality oriented electricians and strive to work with our clients to ensure that all projects are finished within the agreed timeframe, quality and budget.

        Our electricians are experienced in providing electrical services for residential as well as commercial, housing associations and public institutions.

        Anders Fischer.dk strives for visionary solutions and continuous professional development. We wish to make an impact on the market for professional and up-to-date electrical solutions. Our client feedback is an import tool to continuously develop and optimize our business.

        Anders Fischer.dk always keeps the client in focus

        If you need an electrician in Copenhagen or vicinity Anders Fischer.dk is your guarantee for high quality solutions at a competitive price.