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        About Anders Fischer.dk


        AndersFischer.dk provides you with the correct electrical solutions for every need! We give an ongoing dialogue and communication with our clients high priority

        Anders Fischer.dk LLC
        is a Danish owned and operated electrical service business centrally located on Vesterbro. We service and advise our clients with a range of electrical needs within our core areas of competence electrical installations, residential or commercial security installations, network installation and maintenance and lighting. We aim at establishing and maintaining a solid base of clients requesting durable and high quality solutions.
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        Your Copenhagen electrician – read about our services and products

        Anders Fisher LLC is your local electrician and electrical contractor, centrally located in the heart of Vesterbro.
        We advice and service our clients with electrical services, security and surveillance network wiring and maintenance and lighting. At Anders Fisher LLC the declared goal to provide our customers with competent and reliable service of high quality, taking into account the conditions demanding special attention, especially within an area of high population density such as Copenhagen.

        Our highly skilled certified electricians are experienced in providing electrical services for private homes, businesses and public institutions. We keep the client in focus and strive for the highest possible degree of transparency in our work.

        If you need electrical services or wish to install alarms or surveillance, we can offer you high-quality solutions at competitive prices.

        Legally required RCD
        All buildings in Denmark are legally required to have RCDs installled. An RCD protects you from dangerous leakage currents in your electrical installations or devices. Anders Fischer LLC has large experience with working under the special conditions of Copenhagen’s older buildings; many of them still unequipped with legally required RCDs.

        If you still have not installed an RCD, contact us today by filling out our online contact form and get a competitiv quote on the installation. We can install immediately.

        Facts about RCDs. In a press release of 12.09.2006 the Danish Safety Technology Authority made the announcement that by 01.07.2008 all commercial and residential buildings are legally required to have RCD installed in the electrical installations. The condition and maintenance of the installation is the responsibility of the owner (user) of the property.

        Electrical check in Copenhagen and vicinity.
        Have a qualified electrician perform an electrical safety check of your installations. This way you ensure that your installations are compliant with current regulations and reduce the risk of fatalities caused by electrical installations not installed or maintained properly.
        Many of Copenhagen’s old apartments fail to have up-to-date electrical installation, making them a risk of deaths and accidents to you and your surroundings. An electrical check can at the same time be an important supplement for the property condition report, securing your property from flaws and deficiencies at a potential sale.

        Security and surveillance
        Do you want to secure your residential or commercial property against unwanted company?
        We project, deliver, install and service alarm- and surveillance systems, ensuring that we can provide the most competent service on the market for residential and commercial clients

        It is our goal to provide our clients with high quality service and guidance targeted to their specific needs, so they can secure their values as well as possible.

        Anders Fischer LLC are experts in home and commercial security solutions. We know what condition to take into account, and where. We never compromise quality or safety, but simultaneously never attempt to sell you expensive equipment you don’t need. We are registered with The Danish Insurance Association and have ISO 9001-certification

        Alarm system products

        We offer a variety of security solutions to residential and business clients in the greater Copenhagen area.

        Home security: Villas, town houses, apartments and summer houses.
        Commercial Security: Restaurants and cafés, supermarkets, retail stores, bars and discotheques, storage and production.
        Housing Associations: Security and surveillance solutions for shared spaces such as laundry rooms, doorways and entrances.


        You can save a lot of money? by choosing LED-lighting over traditional incandescent bulbs or halogen. Choosing LED (Light Emititing Diode) provides you with a highly energy efficient light source, meaning that you end up spending less money!

        You can save up to 80% on your electricity bill by switching to LED lighting.

        LED is the lighting of the future. It efficiently combines functionality and energy savings. The light diodes emit a handsome, effective light close in sensation to daylight. LED lighting furthermore has the practical advantage that contrary to incandescent bulbs or halogen they work for years without replacement.

        Do you need to upgrade the lighting in your home or business and at the same time save money on your electricity bill? We happily advise the lighting that is perfect for you.

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